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Author: John Roland


Article: Copyright (c) 2007 Ethought Australia


Thinking of traveling to a country where the water supply is not safe to drink. You have two options, buy bottled water, or get your own water treatment / filtering equipment. There are various different ways to provide yourself with constant clean water. So there is no excuse for not being prepared.


Water is essential to our survival and health, and not having a clean water supply could prove fatal in the worst cases. As humans we need a clean source of water at all times. Without this simple requirement our bodies cannot function correctly. The problems associated with clean water are not new. It is estimated that over 2 million children die a year from lack of safe drinking water. There are a large number of countries in the world that do not have a drinkable public water system. Why take the chance, if you are planning on going somewhere with unsafe drinking water. Sure, you can buy bottled water, but everyone has heard the stories of bottled water being filled up with local contaminated water, why take the chance? Amoebic dysentery is an infection of the intestine caused by an amoeba called Entamoeba Histolytica, which among other things, can cause severe diarrhoea and even be fatal in the worst cases. Ameobic dysentery is a parasite that is found in contaminated food and drink, especially water. With a good water filter you would be protected from dysentery in the water you drink. Even if you buy bottled water it is always a good idea to filter it if you don't trust where you purchased it from. There are quite a few different brands of water filter available and they come in all shapes and sizes. The question every consumer asks is which water filter offers me the best value? This question is probably best answered depending on what your usage for the water filter will be. Are you planning to go out into the wilderness for extended periods of time? How much will you need to use your water filter, every day, once a week? These are all things you need to think about when buying a water filter. The main factors that will help you decide on what filter is best for you are factors like, weight, durability, lifespan, reputation and reliability. There are a few products on the market. They range from very simple self contained water bottle style filters to the best in survival quality 50000 liter water filters.


If you are planning to go into areas where clean water is not going to be available, it is essential to buy a top of the range filter, in which case you are probably looking at spending around US$250. The difference between the top end filter and the medium range filter is basically materials and durability. The lower end water filters tend to have plastic mechanisms and levers. Filters made out of plastic are ok, if you are not going to be in life threatening situations if it brakes. For complete peace of mind it is really hard to go past a well built metal water filter that you know is not going to break the first time you accidentally step on it, or the hundredth time for that matter.


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If you are planning to travel to a country that does not have safe drinking water it might be worth checking out a heavy duty filter such as the Katadyn pocket Filter.