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Gaiam invites you to live the life of intention and meaning you’ve envisioned. From yoga & fitness DVDs to green-living solutions, Gaiam gives you the tools to help you live your best within the global community. Discover their health & wellness, sustainable living and personal development products in addition to their top-of-the-line Bath Ball Faucet Filter. It releases water that’s 99% chlorine-free!


Gaiam Bath Ball Faucet Filter
Gaiam® Bath Ball
Faucet Filter

No one wants to relax in a tub full of chlorine. Prevent this nasty chemical from negatively affecting your body chemistry by simply attaching the Bath Ball Faucet Filter under the tub faucet. Water flows into openings in the top as the KDF filter media (a high-purity copper/zinc formulation) releases water that's 99% chlorine-free. You'll notice the difference in water quality with your first bath.

Price: $64.00
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