Good Cellular Health Begins With Water


Author: Bob Goon

Article: Water is the sustainer of life. Without water you can only live a few days and dehydration sets in. It is then that you wish you could do as your mother said and drink eight glasses of water daily. Can you imagine dying of dehydration when you are surrounded with water? Millions of cells in your body could be dying of dehydration right now.


Good cellular health begins with clear, clean, healthy water. As you already know, your body is mostly made up of water. Water is essential for digestion, it absorbs nutrients and carries them to the cells and aids in elimination of waste products from the cells. Water is nature's delivery system, but sometimes even something as simple as water, needs help.


It's no secret that a glass of clean, clear water is a scarce commodity. Wells, ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams are mostly polluted. Municipal water systems treat your water with chemicals to remove bacteria and other undesirable little critters, but leave it with toxins. When is the last time someone offered you a glass of chlorine! Your water may have traveled through miles of pipes to get to your glass. In this journey it could have picked up heavy metals from old metal pipes, toxins from plastic pipe and glue or contaminates from sources unknown to anyone.


The point of all this is that by the time the water molecule gets to the cell it could be loaded down with a bunch of trash your body does not need. These toxins and metals don't leave much room in the molecule for nutrients and other good things the body needs and has to have. Sometimes these molecules are so loaded that they become too large to enter the body cell and are just carried away and are eliminated from the body. These eliminated molecules did no harm to your body. They also did no good for your body.


So, you say, I'll just drink bottled water and the problem will be taken care of. Not a bad solution if you do your research first, and can afford it. Bottled water has few regulations controlling its bottling process. If it says spring water it's supposed to be spring water, if it says filtered it's supposed to be filtered, but who knows what kind of filter, maybe a used cloth diaper. Much of the bottled water comes from foreign sources that we can't control at all. Take the time and make sure you are getting good quality water. Spring water could be the best bet, but you're still adding to pollution with the millions of plastic bottles that are discarded.


So, you say, I'll just get a water filter and filter my own water. Another great solution, but once again, do your research. Make sure you get a high quality filter that fits your needs. Buying a filter that takes out chlorine and putting it on a system that has no chlorine just wastes your money. Check carefully and make sure you get what you need.

Your mother wasn't too far off with the eight glasses of water, however if you over hydrate, you will just flush out the good things you put in your body. Mostly you get what water you need from the beverages you drink every day. If you are thirsty, then drink. A very simple and easy to follow process that works very well. You can also check the color of your urine. Your urine should be a light colored yellow. If you are taking vitamins or supplements the urine color may be a bright yellow. If the urine color is a deep yellow then you are probably not getting enough water.


Now that you have the properly cleaned and sized water molecules to carry the minerals, nutrients and supplements to your cells, make sure you are using high a high quality supplement and you have began a journey to good cellular health which will lead to great overall health.



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