Swimming Pool & Spa

Purification & Filtration

The Floatron is the original portable and floating water purifier combining solar electric power generation with ionization, resulting in the only solar ionizer manufactured today. By introducing atomic amounts of specific minerals into water, microorganisms such as algae and bacteria cannot survive. While these ions, or atoms, are completely safe and nontoxic to you, microscopic life forms cannot exist under their influence. Unlike chlorine, which loses potency after only hours, the mineral ions produced by the Floatron remain effective for weeks. The Floatron kills algae and is a much safer and more economical alternative to the chemical marinade of most pools. It is solid with no moving parts, no batteries, and is portable and cost-effective. The mineral electrode depletes after 1 to 3 seasons (depending on pool size) and can be replaced in one minute for $35 (available from manufacturer).


Metal Foam Spa Purifier – As spa water passes through the copper/silver foam, the metal mesh disc destroys most of the same bacteria as standard chemical treatments, including E. coli and legionella pneumophilia. Once a month remove the disc and backwash with a garden hose; replace disc twice annually. You'll still need to chlorinate (small amount of bromine or bleach after use) to remove non-bacterial spa contaminants (sweat, products). Made in the USA. The Metal Foam Spa Purifier does the following:

• Reduces chlorine or bromine usage by up to 90 percent.

• Destroys most of the same bacteria as standard chemical treatments

• Easy cleaning with garden hose

• Reduce your dependence on toxic chemicals


Floatron Swimming Pool Filter

No more chlorine allergies, red eyes, discolored hair, or bleached bathing suits!  Floatron will typically reduce chemical expenses by an average of 80%. Comes complete including an ion test kit and a 24-month manufacturer's warranty. Effective for pools up to approximately 40,000 gallons.  It may also be used for hot tubs.


Price: $269.00
Metal Foam

Reduce chlorine or bromine usage by up to 90%, with safe, effective Metal Foam Spa Purifier. This ecological gem lets you enjoy the relaxing health benefits of clean, hot water, and reduce your dependence on toxic chemicals at the same time. Simply drop the disc into the skimmer or into the center hole of your spa's filter. Includes disc-holder, and two metal foam discs.

Price: $60.00