Bath Tub
Water Filtration Systems

If you don’t have a whole house system and you like to soak in the tub, be advised that your skin absorbs more chlorine and other contaminants by soaking in a hot bath water than it would if you drank unfiltered water all day long. Chlorine bonds to organic substances such as bacteria and kills it…but chlorine's attraction to, and corrosion of organic material doesn't end at the bacteria in the water. Chlorine also attacks your hair, skin, and lungs, as they are organic as well. Chlorine can leave your hair dry and brittle and make your skin flaky and itchy.

From infants to elderly and everyone in between, bath tub filters and de-chlorinators are a safe and economical way to enjoy clean, pure baths at home or while traveling.

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Gaiam Bath Ball Faucet Filter

No one wants to relax in a tub full of chlorine. Prevent this nasty chemical from negatively affecting your body chemistry by simply attaching the Bath Ball Faucet Filter under the tub faucet. Water flows into openings in the top as the KDF filter media (a high-purity copper/zinc formulation) releases water that's 99% chlorine-free. You'll notice the difference in water quality with your first bath.

Price: $64.00
RainShow'r Crystal Bath Ball

The Crystal Ball for the Bath de-chlorinates bath water without any plumbing attachments. It works right in the tub and removes 90% or more of total chlorine for a healthier bath, resulting in healthier and younger looking skin. It’s safe for infants, adults and pets and it’s great for anyone who suffers from dry skin.

Price: $37.99