FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between Water Filtration and Water Purification?
  2. What is Hexagonal Water?
  3. What is Scalarwave Technology™?

  1. What’s the difference between Water Filtration and Water Purification?

  2. Water filtration is when different types of media are used in water filtration systems to filter particles and contaminants through micro-porous purification elements, where they are captured on and within the elements, thereby separating them from the water.  Water purification is typically the result of various filtration methods; however, there are water purification systems, such as Ultra Violet Light Purification, that do not always include the filtration of unwanted particles or debris from the water, in which case, you would need to purchase a pre-filter.

  3. What is Hexagonal Water?
  4. Water is formed when two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine, thus giving us the formula H2O. This is known as a Hydrogen Bond. When 6 Hydrogen Bonds come together, they form an organized pattern in the shape of a hexagon, a crystal-like structure, called Hexagonal Water or Hexagonal Structured Water™ (picture a six-pointed star made out of water, i.e.: a snowflake). For a more in-depth definition of Hexagonal Water, its function, and its ability to positively affect your health, we encourage you to read Hexagonal Water: The Ultimate Solution, a 55-page booklet by MJ Pangman, Msc.

  5. What is Scalarwave Technology?

  6. Before defining Scalarwave Technology, we need to also define the term Zero-point. “Zero-point” and “Scalarwave” are both used in reference to electro-magnetic fields and energy waves (the light spectrum). Zero-point is theorized to be a state at which zero energy and potential energy exist simultaneously in a vacuum that is void of space and time. Scalarwave is theorized to be an energy wave that has the ability to fold in on itself and travel through this vacuum without disrupting its original pattern/information (like an ocean wave that folds in on itself). The technology that is used to create Scalarwave Structured Water™ is a process that includes Scalarwave coils to transmit information to steam distilled water molecules through a zero-point energy field, so that the information transferred remains pure and un-altered by space and time (like recording information on a blank tape). For more information on Scalarwave Structured Water.