Why Water Is Essential


Author: Bob Cotto


Article: Our bodies require water to stay alive and to process a number of functions in our bodies which are intended to primarily operate on minerals and water. All natural cleansing systems and healing in our body can only be performed properly with water. It's only recently that the medical society has considered how important water is to the maintenance of the bodies function.


Over 70% of our body consists of water. To even further break it down, our brain consists of 75% water and blood consists of 80% and the liver which is one of our main filter systems consists of 96% water.


Our nervous systems main function is to distribute electrical signals to cells in our body is nothing more than a system of tiny waterways. A lack of water could lead to dehydration of the fluid inside our nerves and can lead to the nervous system being damaged by excessive heavy metals and chemicals not being flushed out of the system. Numerous medical doctors and scientists now agree that this could be the cause of some neurological disorders and degenerative diseases such as Chronic Fatigue, ADHD, and even Alzheimer's which could be prevented by just increasing our intake of pure water.


Now that we know how important water is to the functioning of our body we must also become conscious of how pure the water is that we drink. Our digestive system needs an adequate amount of water to properly digest our food and to get the best possible nutrient absorption needed to make the most of the nutritional value of the foods we eat.


Our water intake can also negatively or positively affect our energy levels it depends on whether we are hydrated properly or not, this has been proved in clinical studies. A 5% reduction in body fluids can cause a 30% loss in energy and a loss of 15% in body fluids can lead to death.


If you are looking at attempting to lose weight not having proper hydration will disrupt your weight loss program. Our liver uses water to metabolize fat so it's obvious then that not having sufficient water will hinder its ability to process this. Increase your water consumption to roughly 64 ounces and see the results for yourself and don't forget you will benefit from higher energy levels as well.


Another point to consider is detoxification as it could be a very important aspect to our long-term health. Water is the only source of flushing toxins out of our system which is a main point to consider when avoiding disease. We cannot get around exposure to toxins in our world today but by ensuring we drink adequate water we can assist our bodies in flushing them out.


If water contains other chemicals and chlorine it has less of an ability to flush or remove toxins from our body. By consuming water which contains traces of synthetic chemicals we then compel our kidneys and liver to become the filter... ultimately destroying or damaging two of our most important organs.


About the author:
Bob Cotto spent most of his life as a Sr. Sales & Marketing executive. Two years ago his wife of 43 years, Joanne was told that she had 4th stage cancer. Since then, Bob and Joanne have devoted all of their energy to assisting her in maintaining a high quality of life. Find out more about his efforts at his site 4-Idea l-Health.