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SteriPEN Journey
Price: $99.95
Kor One
Price: $29.95
Berkey Light Water Filter
$209.00 - $279.00
Frigoverre Glass Pitcher
Price: $11.99

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The Water Key provides quality information to help you choose from the cleanest and healthiest water solutions available. Whether you’re looking for water filtration systems, purification systems, enhanced water, eco-friendly water bottles, test kits; or water-related books, CD’s and DVD’s, there’s something for everyone at TheWaterKey.com!


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Invest in the Best Water Filtration and Purification Systems.
Wellness Caraffe Every action that you take not only has an impact on your life, but it also has an impact on the lives of others around you. Investing in a water filtration system and purification system is one of the wisest decisions that you could ever possibly make. Not only will it benefit you and your environment, but you will also begin to set an example for others to invest in water filtration and purifications systems. Out of all the brands that we’ve researched, The Wellness Filter® is currently one of The Water Key’s most highly recommended water filtration systems, mostly because of its ability to not only filter and purify water, but because of its ability to enhance water as well. Japanese life insurance companies actually offer reimbursement programs for the Wellness Filter® when a patient gets a prescription from his doctor – the only filtration system ever granted this insurance status –
for they have recognized it for having unique qualities that no other water filtration and purification system has shown to offer. For those who are looking for comparable, cost-effective solutions to water filtration and purification, Aquasana® Water filtration systems would be the way to go. Aquasana® has been the #1 rated home water filtration system in America and was voted "Best Buy" by Consumers Digest Magazine for six years in a row, from 2003 to 2008. Regardless of which water brand you decide upon, we do hope you consider our two top picks, Wellness and Aquasana, to meet your water filtration and purification needs.


Choose from Whole House Water Filters to Water Test Kits.

With so many brands and styles of water products and water filtration systems to choose from, trying to decide which one is the best one for you can be a bit challenging. But The Water Key continues to do the research so you don’t have to. All you need to do is take a few minutes of your time to explore our top recommended brands, which include some of the highest quality water products and water systems available on the market today. To make things even simpler, we’ve narrowed down our top picks for Whole House Water Filters, Emergency Water Filtration Systems, Lawn and Garden Filters, Hexagonally Structured Water and more.

Wellness Whole House Water Filtration System Wellness Shower System

We’ve also included our favorite Sport Bottle Filters and Purifiers, which come in really handy (whether you’re traveling to another country, camping or hiking, or just going to the corner store)…oh, and be

sure to check out our water test kits – whether you want a do-it-yourself water test kit by WaterSafe™ or a professional water test kit that you will get to send directly to a professional water testing laboratory. We hope you enjoy learning about the various options in water filtration and water purification through The Water Key. If you’re looking for a particular eco-friendly water product, or a water filtration system, or even if you’re just looking for water information, we hope that you find what you need at TheWaterKey.com.
Water Test Kit


Help Reduce Waste with Reusable Water Bottles.
Sigg Water Bottles Reusable water bottles are essential when it comes to reducing unnecessary waste from the millions of disposable water bottles that get thrown away each day. The Water Key’s favorite selection of eco-friendly water bottles offers alternative solutions to toxin-leaching, plastic water bottles that pollute our landfills and oceans. Some of our favorite brands include stainless steel water bottles as well as non-leaching sport bottles with replaceable built-in water filters.Our two favorite stainless steel reusable water bottles are SIGG® and Klean Kanteen®. They both come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors, in addition to all the accessories available, such as Sippy Cup attachments and insulated bottle totes.
A new product, the KOR One Hydration Vessel, is also an eco-friendly water bottle made by KOR, a company that donates 1% of sales to non-profits focusing on water related issues. Our favorite sport-bottle water filters include Sawyer®, Katadyn®, Berkey Sport® and ‘H2.O’ by Wellness®. Whether you’re in a sports activity or you’re going to work or school, using any of these brands of eco-friendly, reusable water bottles will help eliminate your exposure to harmful toxins found in disposable plastic water bottles, in addition to helping our planet by reducing the amount of waste we would otherwise be adding to the pile each day.


Be Prepared with Emergency Water Filters and Purifiers.

Berkey Water Systems are stand-alone, gravity-fed water filtration and purification systems that have the best reputation for providing safe, clean and pure drinking water in times when water supplies have been compromised. Not only are Berkey Systems excellent emergency water filters and purifiers, but they also serve as attractive and cost-effective counter-top kitchen filtration systems. Other brands of emergency water purifiers, like SteriPEN, which uses Ultra-Violet light to purify water, are great for traveling and recreating outdoors, mostly because their small size makes them conveniently fit into a backpack, purse, shirt pocket or even the glove compartment of your car.

SteriPEN Water Purification

We all need to have access to fresh, pure drinking water throughout the day, so as long as we have a reliable emergency water filtration and purification system handy, we can rest assured that we will always have the ability to produce filtered and purified water from almost any water source, in a matter of minutes.


Find the Water Information You Need at TheWaterKey.com.

Those of us at The Water Key continue to research new brands and styles of various water products and water filtration and purification systems that meet or exceed our standards of quality and function. It is our aim to be a complete source of water information. And for those who are looking for a place to discuss water-related topics and issues around the world, please visit our new blog!