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Our Vision:


We can survive longer without food than water. Without water, in 2-3 days we are into serious health problems.


Our goal is to supply the best in water, water filters and water treatment systems. To educate and uplift the intelligence of humanity, in order to sustain our health and our environment; because we care about our planet, ourselves, our families, and our children’s future.

Our Mission:

To provide accurate and unbiased information along with products in order to help consumers find the best water, water systems, water products and water therapies to fit their lifestyle and their budget.


TheWaterKey.com is here to help your decide which products best fit your needs. The SurvivalCenter.com, TheWaterKey.com's parent company, has been a provider of survival, emergency, and preparedness supplies since the early 1970's and we believe that water is such an important necessity that we have created this special web site to go into the subject of water as in-depth as possible.


Finding the best water, water system, water product or water-related therapeutic device to fit your lifestyle and your budget can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we choose to continuously do the work for you.  TheWaterKey.com wants to help you make well-informed decisions so that you can choose from the healthiest, cleanest and most effective water-related products and services on the market today.  New products are consistently being introduced to the market, so we know that we cannot rest on our laurels.  We must continue to do our research so that we can remain an accurate and trusted resource for you and your loved ones.


We frequently update our Water Information resource pages with Supporting Documentation and Links so that you can cross-reference product specifications, product performances, test results and other water-related data.  The Water Information that we provide for you should help you understand why we have chosen to feature specific Recommended Brands on TheWaterKey.com.  You will begin to see for yourself why many of these companies have been endorsed by top organizations and institutions world-wide.


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