Water Filter for Shower Head:
More Than Skin Deep


Author: Brent Craig


Article: Danger Lurking in the Shower


It might surprise many to know that the skin, the body's largest organ, is capable of absorbing water through its pores much the same way that it cools the body by releasing moisture in what we call perspiration. This means that the same chemicals we like to guard ourselves against by drinking filtered or bottled water may be getting into our system just the same by enjoying a long shower or bath.


Another surprising -- and worrying-- fact is that chlorine in water that has been heated to steam becomes airborne in the vapor, and is then absorbed by the lungs. People with asthma or other respiratory illnesses may already have noticed that a steamy shower agitates the condition, but it affects all of us just the same.


Chlorine exists in all treated water systems, to varying degrees. Not only does it have a drying effect on skin and hair, but repeated and prolonged exposure to chlorine will start to cause breakdowns in human organs, particularly the kidneys and liver.

Protein is stripped from hair and skin by chlorine, which creates a dry, flaky condition. Even in the minute amounts that exist in the average municipal water supply, this can leave hair lifeless and flat, and skin itchy and blotchy.


Water Filter for Shower Head to the rescue!


The good news is, filtering chlorine out of water is as easy as changing your shower head. A water filter for shower head is simply an activated charcoal capsule that attaches directly to the shower head stem, and captures chlorine and other contaminants in its super-absorptive granules.


Water filters for shower heads are available in many different models, some contemporary enough to keep the most stylish happy. Another option is to have a water filter installed directly on the water line which supplies the shower. This would allow the homeowner to leave their shower head in place, and still benefit from filtered water. The only drawback to this option is that it would most likely require a professional plumber to do the install, and the filter would likely have to be placed inside the wall or in a cupboard.


A water filter for shower head requires occasional filter replacement; generally most manufacturers recommend every six months. Of course this depends on the amount of use the filter gets, as well as the quality of the water supply to the house.


As an easy fix for filtering water with a huge benefit to both health and beauty, a water filter for shower head is an obvious choice.


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