Water Revealed


Author: Brandon Harshe

Article: In The Hidden Messages in Water, Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto describes an experiment he conducted in which he took high speed photographs of frozen water crystals. He took the pictures after certain thoughts or words had been directed at the water. He found that when he directed a specific good thought or word, like "love," at the water, the photograph depicted a perfect crystal hexagon. But if he directed a certain bad thought or word, such as "hate," at the water, the photograph revealed a disfigured crystal.


Dr Emoto delved deeper into the experiment by testing groups of words. When he used the phrase "let's go do it," the photograph he took revealed a perfectly formed hexagonal crystal. When he said "do it," the crystal was malformed. This revealed that water responds better to suggestion (positive) rather than commands (negative).


Using a quantum physics approach to the final data, Dr. Emoto concluded that our thoughts and words really do have an impact on the environment around us, most notably, water. He revealed that when we are first born, our total body composition is about 90% water. As adults, we drop down to about 70%, and elderly people drop as low as 50%. But if we acquire disease in our lives, all that water actually becomes stagnant.


Dr. Emoto proved that water is for more than just hydrating ourselves. Being mostly water ourselves, it seems that a positive mental attitude will enable us to be in a whole state.

When we are stressed or angry or sad, those emotions are doing more to our body than we realize. This study reveals how important it is to be happy, and how that positively affects the vibration of water in our body.


About the author:
This is the first in a two-part article series. You can read part two, entitled "The Power of Water," at theskinnyonjanuary.com.