Water Test Kits Help Identify Water Problems


Author: Mike Selvon


Article: Water test kits are a great way to figure out what kind of unseen substances and contaminants might be swimming in the liquid that comes into your home. Most people use these kits primarily for testing the quality of their drinking fluid. However, others uses, like testing for fluid hardness or for other factors that can have negative effects on gardens, ponds and pools, are also a consideration.


Just having hard liquid can cause a number of problems, both for the people using the fluid and for the piping system or equipment in the house that either moves or uses the water. Water test kits can help you avoid unforeseen problems. Mineral build up is the most common problem that comes along with hard liquid and this can cause problems with clogging and damage to the plumbing system.


Just as there are a variety of assorted reasons why people buy water test kits, there are also a variety of kits available for different specific purposes. Therefore, it is best to know beforehand which of the fluid based issues you need to address. Following are some of the different issues for which you may wish to use a fluid testing kit.


If your laundry is starting to look very dingy, or your laundry detergent does not bubble up well, or your soap or shampoo doesn't lather up nicely, then these could be signs of hard fluid. In this case, you will want to purchase water test kits that are designed to test for the hardness factor of your liquid.


Such tests can be as simple as taking a test strip and dipping it into the water. You should know the results in about 20 seconds, as the test kit will come with a key which will tell you what the test result means. If the test reveals that you do indeed have hard liquid where you live, then you can start to look for equivalent softener solutions to relieve this scenario.


Another common scenario for using water test kits, is to screen for harmful chemicals that may be present in the drinking fluid in your home. For instance, if you have a new baby in the home and you want to mix formula using tap water, you may be concerned that it is not pure and free of chemicals that you do not want in the formula.


While you can easily add a drinking water filter to your kitchen faucet, it may also be a good idea to take the extra step and test the liquid so you know that the type of filter you choose can handle the type of contaminants in the fluid. There are many purity testing kits you can get just for testing drinking liquid quality.


These will warn you if there are particularly high levels of any contaminant and the results will be a valuable guide in choosing the proper house filtration system for your family.


There are water test kits that are designed to be used to test the quality of fluid in aquariums. The primary purpose is to get an indication of the amount of chlorine and ammonia in the liquid since both are harmful to fish. Other kits can be used to test the liquid in spas and pools, and still other tests are useful to test the fluid in various kinds of pond.


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